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Hey Bloggers. I saw myself fighting with myself today,thinking if i should post this blog or not!.

Today i went to a Tariot reader/fortune teller, it was my first time. Most people speculate that its a bunch of lies. So i wanted to judge by myself. Result is, i am shocked. I was left speechless. As some of you may know, no one i know knows i write this blog. I have told no one about this. The Reader today told me as i sat down ” O my you are good with litrature,and don’t give it up”. First thing that came into my head was this blog and other things i also write. She also suprised me saying i give alot of advice to others, my friend agreed with her when i told my friend what she had said.

So instead of hearing what others say, go for it, it’s a new experience! 🙂