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Sexy-o-meter ! We all use it!

Hey bloggers!

So todays blog is about our “Sexy-o-meter”. Today i noticed, when i walk down town by myself , i get abit bored and i noticed that i started to, not stare, but maybe take a glance at the people walking past. At the same time i was rating from 1-10 and thinking “hmm Do-able” . We live in a sex filled era where most of our everyday topics end up involving sex,sexualities or some type of a sexual topic. Thing is this is not the first time i’ve used this Sexy-O-Meter that i own within me, Oh and i know most if not all of you have it! Don’t hide it! Be yourself! don’t hide who you are from the world. You are YOU for a reason. Our imperfections are what makes us unique and there’s only one of you out there! Whats the fun in copying someone else ? I’m sure each and everyone of you have much more interesting features about your personality that makes people fall in love each day!

So when you are walking down town, what is your type of Girl/Guy ? What would be a amazing 10 on your own Sexy-O-Meter ? ( I know very shallow blog ,but hey, this blog is about my thoughts and today this crossed my mind :P) So Leave a little comment underneath , & Feel Free to share this blog.

If any of you need some advice on ANYTHING , feel free to contact me. There’s a contact page on top.

Have a nice day 😀 Peace x