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Seeking Comfort

Hey bloggers,
Losing someone is a very hard time in anyones life, whether we lost someone who was older or younger. Sometimes we all want to be selfish and hold on to them even thou they might be suffering.When i lost my gran i remember some people kept asking for her age and when i said “87” i kept getting similar replies ” Ahh,well she was old”. Yes,Yes she was but she was also loved and she will be loved and very much missed, age doesn’t justify anyones death- Yes its a tragic when we lose someone at a young age and makes us think “why them?” , i like to think they had a higher purpose to serve somewhere else and maybe they wouldn’t have a nice life here with us.

I don’t know about you readers but i believe in more that what meets the eye, a deeper meaning to all of us. I believe in spirits and ghosts and when you lose someone close to your heart they will always be able to hear your thought and even protect you. My aunt went to a medium ( Most of tarot readers etc i don’t tend to believe in ) But this one mentioned somethings that my mum knew but my aunt knew and my gran apparently said that she is watching over my niece, whom she loved dearly.So if you have lost anyone close to you, just think they are in peace now,away from pain and if you want to speak to them,do so! maybe not out loud but in your mind and in your heart because their spirits stay with us and guides us.

That is all,hope you liked it,have a nice day!

Peace x


Love Or Obssesion ?

Missing the attention we once had,did we ever love the person?or the attention we were givenIt has been quite some time since i last wrote a blog. My life has changed so much since then and the main factor has been Love ? but at times i think maybe i’m Obsessed. Obsessed with the attention i have been given. Seeking that attention from that person. We all have or have had one person who gives us there undivided attention, wether it is sending txt messages and calls at any time of the day, and if we take it for granted the person may give up and stop giving you this attention.This is when you begin to “love” them. Or is it we seek the attention they once gave us ? makes us feel special ? so many questions. Lifes Short so don’t take anyone for granted as. They may move on and then it would be too late.
Live,Laugh & Enjoy Life!, You only get one life,one shot.