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Update From Yesterdays Blog Post!

Hey Bloggers, just a quick blog update. So If you read yesterdays blog post it speaks about how you should voice your opinion no matter what, you view is as good as anyone else’s.

Well last night i went out with some of my closest friends and we were speaking,joking around etc the usual,however as “jokes” some of them did say some comments in which i didn’t find that funny to be honest (Might blog about this later on today). After this i wasn’t in a very good mood so i was just basically giving my honest opinion in every situation and i was told that iĀ  seemed “Unhappy and Grumpy” – To be honest i felt like saying “No – I’m just speaking the truth and how i feel why cover it up”. I didn’t to avoid conflict to be honest but i suppose then the phrase “Honesty Is The Best Policy” is not entirely true and sometimes your opinions should be kept to yourself in order to avoid any conflicts or hurting any-ones feelings.

Have a nice day, watch out for a post later on :).


Voice Your Opinon !

Hey Bloggers, šŸ™‚ – Me again! I know,i know i havn’t been blogging much! I mostly get my blog ideas when i’m in bed at night and i reflect on the days events,then im too lazy but i will try to keep this up,if you promise to keep reading ;).

Today’s Blog post is about Opinions and how some people are afraid to voice their opinion- & You SHOULD!. I don’t know how many of you watch Big Brother (UK) , but last nights episode really got me thinking how one of the housemates mentioned how shes scared to say what she thinks as they laugh and belittle her. I’m sure this happens to more than one of you reading this and it shouldn’t. You as much as everyone else in this world are entitled to their own opinon whether its 100 people that agree or just the 1. Its your View and it should be expressed and you should be heard! – What happened to “Freedom Of Speech” ? Its not illegal and if people do not agree with it well they will just have to deal with it.

I don’t know how many of you have heard the song by “Natasha Bedingfield – Strip Me” but in her lyrics it says

Take what you want Steal my pride Build me up Or cut me down to size Shut me out But I’ll just scream I’m only one voice in a million but you aint taking that from me.

Better yet here’s the link to the You tube Video šŸ˜€

Thank You For Reading šŸ™‚

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