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Normal? Or Socially Acceptable!

Hey bloggers 🙂 , Have any of your friends ever told you “you’re not normal” . I’m sure they have, mine do quite a lot lol. Especially with one of my close friends who I speak to for hours a day so eventually we tend to speak about silly things and make long conversations about anything really. I also say Whats the fun in being normal ? Really what is ?. Actually can anyone define “Being Normal?” I believe there is no such thing as “being normal”. Every person has their own thoughts on what normal is. Depends on the person’s state of mind is how they categorize what is normal and what is not. You have some people that are louder than others, so whilst one thinks it is “normal” to shout the other thinks ” he’s acting up”.

Many of us mistake some actions as not being normal just because it would be too embarrassing therefore it’s not socially acceptable,by this i mean minor actions and not any anti-social behaviour. We live in an era where celebrities and TV shows dictate most of our actions in everyday life. (Don’t get me wrong I’m guilty as charged) , What you see on tv is manufactured to look as close to perfect as it can possibly can so its alright not to have the things you see on TV or magazines or to look how they look. So be loud, have fun and let your hair down 🙂 Do what feels right and just let your soul come out. People will love you more for it.

Have a nice daybloggers 🙂


PJ’s Dream :) Share yours to!

Hey bloggers 🙂 – So we all have a dream…No! we actually have more than one type of dream. A dream that you can achieve and a dream which the chances of happening are around 0.00000000000000000000000000000001% (If that even is an accurate percentage but hey,lets pretend it is :)). So I will tell you my unrealistic dream and I’m sure all of you will have thought something similar to this.

So my unrealistic dream is to win the big Euromillions jackpot (£££££). Yes all those millions and I have plans for them to!. Well maybe not a plan to spend ALL of the money. Firstly i would give some to my mum,who by far is the person whom i look up to the most. Then i would give to my 2 older sisters and lastly i would open a savings account for my adorable nieces. Okay boring part over. So, my plan is obviously quit my day-to-day job. Will probably travel A LOT more go partying here and there becasue at the end of the day YOLO (You Only Live Once). After a year im guessing ill be ready to settle down. Now i always say that actors/actress have perfect bodies because they don’t have a 5 or 6 day week jobs, so their time is devoted at the gym. I would do the same i will go more to the gym than what i do now (which to be honest i hardly go haha). Apart from that i would like to do some volunteer work with R.I.C.C ( Research Into Childhood Cancer) . It’s a trust which I feel strongly about  so I will also devote my time to them. Last by not least ,as most people would, i would buy a nice big house with a pool,jacuzzi and maybe built-in gym! ? haha… Oh! Don’t worry my blogging wouldn’t end actually…I would blog even more!.

However that is a fantasy which I think having a fantasy is healthy for the soul. Gives you something to hope for i suppose.

Realistically speaking now,i would like to study Psychology and become a child psychologist OR go into nursing. I don’t know what it is and this may sound weird to some of you but there’s something inside of me that tells me i was put on this earth to do something greater. I think i can achieve that by helping others,There are others out there that need more help than I do and by reaching out and doing that I feel I would have actually done something worthy with my life.

It is important to know that you ,yourself can achieve anything you want in life and don’t let others tell you otherwise. If you are determined and work hard enough for it you WILL achieve your dream 🙂 I know it is very cliché of me to say that but I honestly do believe in it.

Well that is all 🙂 Hope you liked my Dreams 😀 Share yours to 🙂 Feel free to share my blog 🙂 Have a nice day x

Music Brings Shivers To The Body As It Sends The Message To The Heart

Hey Bloggers 🙂  – How is everyone’s weekend going ? good i hope. I have had a rather unproductive Saturday really haha having one of those laying about doing nothing all day days. Anyways todays post is about – one of my favourite topics MUSIC 🙂 . Theres an old blog post i did quite some time ago that mentions one of my favourite quotes off all time “Reading Is To The Mind As Music Is to The Soul” . Music is such a powerful thing, it can change your mood or it can express your current mood even further whether it make you feel happier ,sadder, more exited etc. I listen to nearly all genres of music really but the one thing i LOVE about some songs are the shivers. The moment where your arm hairs all stand up and you get that cool shiver – That is the moment where that piece of music/lyric has touched you. If your going through a bad time or happy time and you just hear that single verse and you get those shivers running down your spine for me is amazing.

Ed Sheeran is one of the few artists that sound better live than on a recorded and edited CD ( In my opinion). He has that soft voice that makes the room go quite. You feel every word he sings and he projects the meaning and feeling of the song in such a way. I’ve attached one of his songs down below which i love. He also has another song called “Small Bump” which he also wrote. This song speaks about hes girlfriend who’s suffered a miscarriage and the lyrics are just immense. Anyways don’t let me ramble on about Ed Sheeran, I just thought I should share one of hes songs.

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Enjoy the rest of your Saturday :).

Update From Yesterdays Blog Post!

Hey Bloggers, just a quick blog update. So If you read yesterdays blog post it speaks about how you should voice your opinion no matter what, you view is as good as anyone else’s.

Well last night i went out with some of my closest friends and we were speaking,joking around etc the usual,however as “jokes” some of them did say some comments in which i didn’t find that funny to be honest (Might blog about this later on today). After this i wasn’t in a very good mood so i was just basically giving my honest opinion in every situation and i was told that i  seemed “Unhappy and Grumpy” – To be honest i felt like saying “No – I’m just speaking the truth and how i feel why cover it up”. I didn’t to avoid conflict to be honest but i suppose then the phrase “Honesty Is The Best Policy” is not entirely true and sometimes your opinions should be kept to yourself in order to avoid any conflicts or hurting any-ones feelings.

Have a nice day, watch out for a post later on :).

Voice Your Opinon !

Hey Bloggers, 🙂 – Me again! I know,i know i havn’t been blogging much! I mostly get my blog ideas when i’m in bed at night and i reflect on the days events,then im too lazy but i will try to keep this up,if you promise to keep reading ;).

Today’s Blog post is about Opinions and how some people are afraid to voice their opinion- & You SHOULD!. I don’t know how many of you watch Big Brother (UK) , but last nights episode really got me thinking how one of the housemates mentioned how shes scared to say what she thinks as they laugh and belittle her. I’m sure this happens to more than one of you reading this and it shouldn’t. You as much as everyone else in this world are entitled to their own opinon whether its 100 people that agree or just the 1. Its your View and it should be expressed and you should be heard! – What happened to “Freedom Of Speech” ? Its not illegal and if people do not agree with it well they will just have to deal with it.

I don’t know how many of you have heard the song by “Natasha Bedingfield – Strip Me” but in her lyrics it says

Take what you want Steal my pride Build me up Or cut me down to size Shut me out But I’ll just scream I’m only one voice in a million but you aint taking that from me.

Better yet here’s the link to the You tube Video 😀

Thank You For Reading 🙂

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Summer Is Around The Corner . . . Don’t panic ! Or Do ?

Hey Bloggers,

It is coming! and i bet most of us are feeling guilty about most things that we are eating. We all want these perfect summer bodies, I know I do! When I eat junk food I feel so guilty for eating it. Although I like going to the gym, that great feeling  I get after a workout. I love it ! So i advice if you want a summer body, PLEASE do it for yourself and not for others at the end of the day it is your body, you choose how to live as long as it isn’t affecting your health.

I hate watching films with actors like Zac Efron who have the perfect body, they make me feel bad! Anyways i know this is a bit of a superficial post but it is what most of us think. Well i do 🙂 Here is a link to a video that gives you some Ab exercises and all you need is a sofa!!! Try these out 😀

When you feel good about yourself you are bound to have a better day and a better view on things that will be coming your way 😀

Let me know what you think !


Peace ;D x

Hey Bloggers!, How many of you have heard of Kelly Clarkson ? If you have click on her name 😀 It will forward you to her webpage!. She won American Idol many years ago..(2002 i think ? ) But i heard of her after she had won because i don’t watch American Idol!… Anyways her newest album “Stronger” which i HIGHLY recommend has a song called “You Can’t Win” and in my opinion it is one of the most Controversial songs that i have heard ( In a good way). It basically describes how you as an individual ,can never please anyone no matter what you do! I will post a YouTube video with the lyrics here..Check it Out 😀 Have a nice day 😀 Peace xx

To Believe Or Not To Believe . . . Now that IS a question!

Hey bloggers! , I know 2nd post in a day strange ! lol. Before going to bed i just wanted to point this out and see if others believe or not?.

Theres always been a suspicion that “there is more to what meets the eye” , supernatural as some may call it. Something magical happens in everyday life , but to believe that there is something more to it is the question! I have personally gone  to a Tarot Reader once and some of the things she said were true, however some things was completely wrong! Saying that those who go to these Tarot Readings can’t go in with a close mind. I think if you go with the mentality that its fake, what ever you hear you will make some sort of excuse to think how they know that! “Maybe they asked me a question before and got it from there” is the most common i would say. But could there be something more out there? Could we have guardian angels?  Could there be people with a “power” and ability ?  Even the legend of the chupacabra is a myth that most believe!


I suppose it’s a question that will vary with most readers, depending on your life experiences and thoughts upon this subject. Let me know what you think 🙂 That’s it really for this short random ramble 🙂


Goodnight x

“Reading Is To The Mind As Music Is To The Soul”

Hey Bloggers, With all the blogs i write i never get to mention the one thing. The one thing that insipries most people. That is MUSIC!!! I Love music. It describes so many emotions and helps you in everyday life :). I studied music at gcse level. And that even grew my love for it even more:)

Reading is to the mind,as music is to the soul  one of my favourtie qoutes ever in life. Music helps your soul in so many ways.

Recently i came across this song and it describes soo much it can be intrepided in two ways.. The lost of a loved one or relationship problems. Althou when you see Hannah montana ( Miley Cyrus) you might think ” rubbish” but give it a try. (Important click on the link below)

Good night Bloggersx

>>>>>Wherever I Go -Hannah Montana Ft Emily Osman <<<<<( CLICK ON THE LINK)

Quality Time!

Hey Bloggers,
                  Quality time is something out everyday lacks of now-a-days. With everyone having a hectic life we hardly ever just sit down and have quality time.

Recently it has been a rough time in my family. Actually rough isn’t the word. I always try to look at the bright side of things even thou it is so hard at the moment. One thing that i have done tonight is sit down with my mum and watched a film. We haven’t had a lot of conversation but just 2 people sitting down watching a film sharing comments and the occasional laugh. All im trying to say is spend time with your loved ones as must as possible before it’s too late 🙂

Night Bloggers x