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Hey bloggers,

Hope you’ve had a nice week-end :D. Weather was LOVELY here! I hope its the same this weekend 😀

So the other day I used the bus and i saw something that annoyed me and i’m shocked that i stayed quiet . I don’t know where you live but where i’m from the buses have seats at the front which should have priority to the elderly or disabled people who wish to sit down. Well i was sat close to the end of the bus and i saw this elderly man walk in and all the seats upfront were occupied by elderly people apart from these 2 girls – they must have been 17-19 years of age at the most. They saw this man with a walking stick which helped him move at a slow pace get on the bus and they knew that all other seats for the elderly were taken. They saw him looking and its not like the bus was full, no! the bus had plenty of free seats around but the poor man couldn’t walk to the other seats because there’s a step or two. My way of thinking and being is just ask the elderly person the seat and i can stand seeing as i am young. These girls did not even offer the seat they just carried on speaking.

I live in a small place so we are a tight community these things shouldn’t happen  and they get me so frustrated!. Another elderly man stood up and gave his seat to this man. Obviously other people started moaning about these young girls not even offering the seat and to my surprise the girls gave such a dirty look!. Honestly i don’t know how i remained so calm throughout this journey.

Where has manners,respect for others gone ? – I’m only 20 years old, so i will not generalise but I’m just wondering What would you have done ? Surely not like these girls?

*Need to have a nice tea now to calm myself  *

Have a nice day 😀