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Cancer victims letter.

Hey bloggers,so sometime ago someone had sent me an e-mail via the “Contact Page” on my blog and they told me about the impact that cancer has had in their life. Now that its close to Christmas it may be particularly harder to those who have lost people in their lives as its a time where we most remember those who have left us. Below I will copy an article this man wrote explaining what his wife has gone through.

My Experience with Cancer during the Holidays

With each year that passes by, I always look forward to the holiday season. For me, the holiday season is all about giving thanks and spending time with my loved ones. One can imagine how excited I was when my wife, Heather, gave birth to our daughter, Lily, in the summer of 2005. We were so excited to have our first and only child, and I was even more excited to be able to celebrate the holiday season with our new baby. We had so many ideas for the holidays and we could not have been any happier. However, our happiness was short-lived. It was just 3 days before we were supposed to be sitting down at the table for our Thanksgiving meal when Heather received her cancer diagnosis.

Our daughter was only 3 months old at the time that Heather was told she had mesothelioma. Our holiday cheer quickly diminished as we began our battle against cancer. There were so many emotions that I was dealing with, but the anger and fear were the strongest. I tried staying optimistic, although it was far easier said than actually done.  I didn’t know much about mesothelioma, but we found out quickly that it was an extremely deadly form of cancer, and that most people would die within 12 months of being diagnosed.  All I could see was the worst case scenario happening, and that Thanksgiving I felt that I had nothing to be thankful for.

Despite the terrible news, we still tried to celebrate with Heather’s family, who flew in to spend Thanksgiving with us. The family also spent Christmas with us and shortly after that, Heather would have to go to Boston to receive treatment for her cancer. I distinctly remember the difficult conversation we had that night with Heather’s family on Thanksgiving. After eating our meal, we sat there and talked about expenses and finances, along with care for our daughter. Heather’s family told us that they would be willing to help us with some of the bills and other expenses, especially since we were trying to survive off of one income alone. Our income was declining but the expenses for treatment and travel continued to expand. During that conversation, all I could feel was sadness and embarrassment that I could not take care of my family alone.  It would be many years before I could look back on that day with greater clarity, and realize how mistaken I had been to look at it that way.

What I did not realize was the fact that we had the support of our family, all of whom were trying to help us in different ways. They were willing to drop everything in their own lives to be with us to help, and offered to make huge sacrifices of their own to ensure our well being.  I was blinded by fear and pride at the time, but now I can see quite clearly how much we truly had to be thankful for that day.

Now that the holiday season is here again, I wanted to give thanks to everyone who supported us through our difficult journey. I am thankful to have great family and friends, a healthy daughter, and the support of so many who reached out a hand to help us. Thanks in large part to their support, we were able to make it through Heather’s mesothelioma surgery, chemotherapy and radiation treatments in the months that followed.  Heather managed to beat the odds and she survived her battle with mesothelioma. We’ve celebrated seven Christmas’s and counting together with our beautiful daughter since the diagnosis, and we hope that our story of triumph over cancer can be a source of inspiration and hope to all those currently battling cancer this holiday season.


Remember if anyone has anything they want to talk about in private they are most welcomed to email me. I only posted the above as he asked me if I could do so to spread awareness.


Have a nice day x


Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October 2012 – Also known as Breast Cancer Awareness Month ! . The month where  we have “Think Pink day”,where we all wear something pink to raise awareness for Breast Cancer. The most common misconception about breast cancer is that most people think it only affects women but it can affect us men to. It is said that it’s one of the most treatable types of cancer if caught in the early stages. In this day and age,with the medicines that we have it is sad that we don’t actually have a cure for cancer and so many lives are taken because of it. I think some way or another cancer has affected everyone. I myself lost my nan to cancer,I myself had a cancer scare (It’s alright I was in the clear!) and so did my mum.

I love those types of days where you see communities come together to support such a wealthy cause, I don’t know about where you live at the moment but tomorrow is also our annual cancer walk where we all walk for a distance and we give something towards the Breast Cancer non-profit organization.

I remember writing a post on the last Think Pink Day and adding a link so you could donate something to the cause so today I thought I’ll add another link. Not for you to donate,although if you wish to do so you can simply look back through my blog posts and find the link. This link provides information about breast cancer,it also gives you tips and advice. Why not have a look at it :).

Breast Cancer Care Click to view the site !

Have a nice day ! Hope you enjoyed my little post 🙂


A Years Break, Writers Block ?

Hey blog buddies ! Sorry I haven’t been blogging ! At all ! ..It’s been over a year since my last post! To be honest I stopped blogging because of the ratings ! I know i have blogged about this before so I’m not going to repeat myself 🙂

It has been a hell of a year, Hell being the operative word! I lost a very close family member to Cancer. First time I’ve ever lost anyone so close to my heart and it did hurt a great deal!. It’s a shame with all of this technology we have and we have yet to find any cure for Cancer! I hope we do! 🙂 ( Please donate to cancer research ) Together we can beat this ! 🙂

On Another note i hope all of you have seen the video about Kony ! I will do my bit plus Post the video here to bring awareness to take this sick criminal down! PLEASE repost this video on your Facebook,Twitter and Blog sites 😀 Do your bit and help those in need!

I hope you have had a good year ! And if you need to speak to anyone just drop a comment ▼▼▼

Pink Day 2010

Tomorrow is known as Pink Day, Breast Cancer Awareness Day.! I will be changing my blog’s colour to PINK! 🙂 i will attach a link so take a look 🙂

R.I.P to everyone who has passed away! Together We Can Beat Cancer!