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The Easy Way Out!

Hey Blog  Buddies!. To give up is one of the easiest way out aye? . After having yet another break from blogging here i keep thinking should i just give up ? Cancel my blog! Delete all my thoughts and work i’ve put in it! I Know the blogging world has a very big competition out there, but i have felt only the minority of people read my blog. My blog is set to help people to find inspiration on everyday thoughts and life itself. It’s set on things i encounter and my own personal thoughts putting it out there to share for the world hoping it will help one of my readers. Only I have felt that it has failed to do so. So judging on the response i get from this blog.  This could be my very last blog ever, as i have lost all hope.

Let me just wish you all the best for 2011! and for those who have kept up to date with my blog. Thank you ever so much ! Please comment 🙂 Ly’allXxx



So today is my birthday, another wonderful year gone by :), i’m loving all the experiences life throws at me and today im going to create my day but the first thing i have done is do this little blog.

I remember when i was younger the whole Birthday craze was something huge and i couldn’t sleep the night before to get all my presents! but as years go by things change don’t they,birthday’s aren’t the most exiting things in life. Althou i do like this day however the thrill of it seems to go away every year ha ha til i get to the point when I’m 50 saying ooo i don’t wanna age anymore haha

well im going to say happy birthday to my self and thanks for the beautifull day:)