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Hey Bloggers,

                     Today has been an extremely stressful day at work because it we had the Annual Staff Meeting. This means I would sit with 2 bosses in a meeting and discuss everything we do right and wrong. During the day today i was stressing out just thinking on what they would say!


I think when we stress out we over think everything and our minds being as powerful as they are make these scenarios on what could happen. Today i had all types of scenario i was convinced i was going to quit because of what would have been said in the meeting, i tried to calm down but it just wasn’t working and now that its over i feel a bit stupid for how i was feeling earlier on because it wasn’t a bad meeting.

I guess sometimes we should try and keep calm and not let these scenarios run wild in our imaginations!


That’s my day 🙂 How about yours?


Hey Bloggers!, How many of you have heard of Kelly Clarkson ? If you have click on her name 😀 It will forward you to her webpage!. She won American Idol many years ago..(2002 i think ? ) But i heard of her after she had won because i don’t watch American Idol!… Anyways her newest album “Stronger” which i HIGHLY recommend has a song called “You Can’t Win” and in my opinion it is one of the most Controversial songs that i have heard ( In a good way). It basically describes how you as an individual ,can never please anyone no matter what you do! I will post a YouTube video with the lyrics here..Check it Out 😀 Have a nice day 😀 Peace xx


Hey blog buddies!.
First of all thank you for yesterdays feedback!. Today however my post is going to be more on the dark side!

“Waking Up On the bad side”. I think that is what happened to me today. Any little thing is putting me in a right mood. At the moment i’m actually at work! But i can’t concentrate on work so i’m going to write this post to try and calm down!.
Anger is just a thought! Why get angry?, i mean we are human we go get mad! but thinking about it what good will it do ? . Will it change anything? Apart from our blood pressure that is!. I Guess good advice would be just take deep breaths, if you can play some nice slow music and stop for a while, relax! Or you could write a blog like me 🙂 Anyways hope you enjoy your day….I Might write something better tonight 🙂

Going Back To What Is Fate?

Hey Blog Buddies,
I just can’t keep away from blogging. Althou my blogg doesn’t recieve many views, and i must admit it doesn’t motivate me to write more blogs but at times i do find myself thinking this would make a great blogg topic!! I like to think that fate brings me back to this blog.
So i would like to tell everyone. If you enjoy doing something,whatever it is keep doing it. No matter what it is, important thing is, it makes you happy !

Bad Times

Hey blog buddies, todays blog isn’t as happy as it could be. Life is hard and full of times where we just want to give up and feel like nothing is worth it ?, Wrong,family ,friends,been thankful we have a house and food,! When one thing goes bad it seems that everything else goes bad too. Why do we think like that? . Why is it we think negative before postive?. Is it because it is easier and we are afriad of failure?
Through this bad time i am facing i will be trying to look on the bright side of things, i hope if you are going through a bad time you too can look on the bright side!

have a great day, love you all x


Hey Bloggers. I saw myself fighting with myself today,thinking if i should post this blog or not!.

Today i went to a Tariot reader/fortune teller, it was my first time. Most people speculate that its a bunch of lies. So i wanted to judge by myself. Result is, i am shocked. I was left speechless. As some of you may know, no one i know knows i write this blog. I have told no one about this. The Reader today told me as i sat down ” O my you are good with litrature,and don’t give it up”. First thing that came into my head was this blog and other things i also write. She also suprised me saying i give alot of advice to others, my friend agreed with her when i told my friend what she had said.

So instead of hearing what others say, go for it, it’s a new experience! 🙂


Society has always judged people by what they wear or how the look like. The typical “Goth” will wear black and be gloom. The typical “homosexual” will be the “campest” person out of the group and so on. Why do we judge people on there looks?.

Isn’t our Personalites what makes us a person ? An item of clothing does not define who i am. The colour of my hair or eyes does not tell you what “social group” i belong too. Social group is just a word to help people understand where they belong. I don’t believe in Social Groups, i have all sorts of friends and i love it.

Today i found myself speaking to a couple of my friends and they are nothing alike and i love it,it shows me that not only should i not judge someone by there “label” but to look beyond there appearance!.

So i ask you? Do you judge wrongly?

Goodnight x

Starting A New Week! Morning Thoughts!

Good Morning Bloggers :), Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. I Woke up earlier than usual for work today thinking, Great Week-end is over back to the normal routine!. I bet most of us think this especially on a Monday morning. Why Should We? Surely if thats our first thoughts of the day our day may not be as good as we could make it!. Im taking a stand today!, I’m going to think positive. I’m going to handle everything that today throws at me in a calm manner, trying to think positive to everything that happens throughout the day. Been thankful that i have a job, i receive a salary that enables me to pay for food,clothes,a roof over my head and alot more. I Am willing to work for this! Think Positive in the morning look at the bright side of things! Love Every moment of your day. So i hope you all have a brilliant day 🙂 I’m thinking i will have a great day. So i hope you do too 🙂

 Like & Comment i look forward to read yoNew Dayur feedback.


Heyy,im john paul and im going to start a blog site about things in life and the journey in life. it isgoing to be more of an inspirational blog and in 2009 if the site picks up i will be doing “Talky Blogs”..Thank You