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Singelton on Valentines …Who’s with me ?

Morning bloggers!!… Happy Valentine’s day!! Wonderful day ….for those in love that is. A day where everyone in a relationship is basically forced to show their love buy buying presents and cards. Why wait for a specific day to show your love for someone reminds me of Mothers day. I love my mum everyday why should I wait for a specific day to show it so a couple of years ago I gave her presents and a video that I made weeks before Mothers Day! Don’t wait to show your love ;)…

So let me put a positive spin for us single people on this lovely day… Single on Valentines? NO PROBLEM it’s actually better for us. We save money on buying presents but not only that we can buy ourselves a present!. Perfect excuse to spend some money on whatever we want but we usually don’t want to get… Although I must say try and avoid social networks, especially Facebook!  – I’m more of a twitter person myself but it will be Love everywhere. So enjoy this day you single people 😉


“Reading Is To The Mind As Music Is To The Soul”

Hey Bloggers, With all the blogs i write i never get to mention the one thing. The one thing that insipries most people. That is MUSIC!!! I Love music. It describes so many emotions and helps you in everyday life :). I studied music at gcse level. And that even grew my love for it even more:)

Reading is to the mind,as music is to the soul  one of my favourtie qoutes ever in life. Music helps your soul in so many ways.

Recently i came across this song and it describes soo much it can be intrepided in two ways.. The lost of a loved one or relationship problems. Althou when you see Hannah montana ( Miley Cyrus) you might think ” rubbish” but give it a try. (Important click on the link below)

Good night Bloggersx

>>>>>Wherever I Go -Hannah Montana Ft Emily Osman <<<<<( CLICK ON THE LINK)

The Past For A Reason

Hey bloggers :), I am so happy from the response i received yesterday from what could have been my last blog. You know i woke up feeling, ratings aren’t important. As long as i inspire and help 1 individual that is enough for me.

Anyways on to todays blog :).

Past,Present,Future.  Three Tenses, Three Meanings. So many of us ,including me, get so caught up in the past and it is so hard to let go of the past it will not allow us to live our life to the fullest in the present. Sometimes we destroy our lives trying to live in the past. Something that can’t work anymore. My message today is Let The Past Be!. Why hold on to something that is no longer there? If it’s in the past it has served it’s purpose in your life. Done what its done and left so you can make the most of your life. Every person that comes into your life is for a lesson, a message and once that is done they leave become a part of your past. We must learn to not forget the past as it makes us who we are today but to learn from the past to make our present days better and hope for a better future. So we can learn to become better people by learning from past mistakes,past messages 🙂

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Letting the anger out!

Hey all you bloggers. Its nearly 12am and i am FURIOUS!. One of the hardest things i think is watching your friends do a huge mistake and you not been able to say or do anything about it . Should i risk the friendship? should i say whats on my mind knowing it will create an argument and may damage the friendship. Should i just keep quiet ? let her be hurt ?. My friend is seeing someone who is lets just say a bad influence and nothing good can come of this. Shes blinded by words. Words are easily said but not often meant.

As i’m sure most of you readers have been through this at one point of your life. What to do stand back ? or open up, free your emotions and risk it all ?. After all life is one big risk, with no risk theres no prize. We sometimes need to risk everything to achieve what we want. Even if the outcome is not what we hoped it may be. Don’t they say keeping it in is bad for your health? but don’t they also say put others first ?. So many questions and obsticles life throws at us. How do we know we are doing the right thing?. Is there a thing as the “Right Choice”. All Choices are right, thats my thought. Wether the outcome is bad,its a mistake you learn from this mistake.

Sorry for rambling on but i guess im conffuzed about this and lost hopefully time will tell and i will know what to do.

Goodnight hope you enjoyed it  & have a great day tomorrow. x

Love Or Obssesion ?

Missing the attention we once had,did we ever love the person?or the attention we were givenIt has been quite some time since i last wrote a blog. My life has changed so much since then and the main factor has been Love ? but at times i think maybe i’m Obsessed. Obsessed with the attention i have been given. Seeking that attention from that person. We all have or have had one person who gives us there undivided attention, wether it is sending txt messages and calls at any time of the day, and if we take it for granted the person may give up and stop giving you this attention.This is when you begin to “love” them. Or is it we seek the attention they once gave us ? makes us feel special ? so many questions. Lifes Short so don’t take anyone for granted as. They may move on and then it would be too late.
Live,Laugh & Enjoy Life!, You only get one life,one shot.

New Year Message!

First of all let me wish everyone a happy new year and all the best for 2009!

2009 so fast already, if 2008 has taught me anything is don’t take anything for granted. Especially Family and Friends Or Lovers for those lucky ones. As in many cases you only get one chance so think hard before you act as you may not get another chance to experience it again, i made that mistake in 2008 . So don’t waste your time hating the things that can’t be changed but love the things right in your life.

I would like to apologize for not blogging as many things has been happening in my life which i will be blogging it here soon! thank you all for your support!

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I’m Back And A Special Topic today Called “LOVE” :)

Hey Bloggers,yes I’m back.I’m sorry for the week i haven’t been on family problems and friend problems. But that is what inspired me to write this blog today because you should never see a problem as something bad,I’m not saying its good but try to see it as a Life Lesson 🙂.

Well Today’s topic is about love. And no not only about relationship love but about family love,friendly love because there are many types of love which people don’t realize. But with love comes a huge package and loads of obstacles which i realized during the week i haven’t been making blogs.

With Love comes the down side of Hurt. love is kinda like a rollercoster there are up but there are also Downs. If you love someone you will notice that you have to be there for the bad things and that is the down side. When the other loved one has a problem in a way you also have that problem, especially in a committed relation ship you need to share your feelings,problems everything:)

So my advice would be that when you come into a hard obstacle don’t be scared,don’t panic remember that you will always have someone there for you and that in time things will go where they are meant to be:)

Also don’t forget to tell you loved ones I Love You because those 3 words can change someone day and make it a Lot better:)

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The Week! Family,love.Read!:)

Heyy bloggers. Oh life there are up’s and downs but yesterday i received the worst family news of my life.My family are having huge family problems which might interfeer with my blog writing for 2-3 days :(:(

one advice for all of you is, Don’t take the things you have fro granted becuase when you least know it, so say I love you to everyone you love.. Enjoy your life.. Live by the day :):)

Enjoy all bloogers ill be back in 2-3 days thank you:)

Freedom or Destiny?

Hey all you Bloggers, I don’t know if you know what my whole site is about well i think it is about time for me to tell you what it is about because my ratings have been going up and up! and then I’m going to write about the title ha ha…

Well this blog is about my life and the experiences that i experience,ill be describing all the obstacles i conquer or fail through out the days  and at the same time i try to inspire people like you who read and subscribe to my blog:)

Today’s blog is going to about my freedom,freedom that happened just by signing a piece of paper. The feeling it gave me i  felt free. This morning i walked to my school and singed the papers that say i have now finished school. That’s it for me no more getting up at 8 am, no more sitting down in class 🙂 i am obviously happy about this. But now my next step is my Career, looking for a job and it has made me think…. What Does Destiny Have In Store For Me??, because i believe in the rather old and over-used saying “Everything happens for a reason and when one door closes another one opens” .So my education door has closed and i wonder what job will be in the unrevealed door.. A advice i give to all of you out there is.. Don’t fight destiny,remember everything happens for a reason and everything will be in it’s place in time… So lets say you are in love with this person, don’t force things..I’m  not saying stay away from that other person but don’t force things.. i have learnt this from past experience and i also did this and it worked!

Today I’m thankful for the end of school and this beautiful day:)

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Some Words that might help you through the day:)

As i have said before the book i was reading has inspired me a lot *check previous blog entry for the name of the book*. The book taught me that getting annoyed or mad is useless,there is no point and ill elaborate on that…

lets say  you are stuck in traffic obviously that is really annyoing, so the first thing that people do is get mad!..Now Think if you get mad that won’t make the cars go faster.NO it won’t” all that you will do is ruin your day and probably  raise your blood pressure ha ha

so ..

Love the rainy days.

Love when you think your fart is going to be silent, but it’s not… in public.

Love when there is $10 less in your wallet than you thought.

Love when someone emails you a chain letter that puts a curse on your life.

Love when you can’t get a new gadget out of its plastic case.

Love being bored.

Or you could hate it all, but what good is that going to do you?

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