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Diet + Hunger = Procrastination !

Hey bloggers! So most of you will have seen those funny pictures on Facebook which everyone seems to like..Literally!. Well I came across this one just now and it suits todays topic perfectly.
I have been sitting here hungry for a while now and all I can think about is “What can I eat? salad,fruits ? Nope,not me I was thinking Kebab or a burger”. Usually when I think that I say to myself “It’s okay I’ll go to the gym tomorrow” but when tomorrow comes I never seem to go and this has been going on for a couple of weeks now but seeing as the weather has been a little crap I have been using that as an excuse not to bother going. My most common excuses after the weather are “Going to have a haircut” or my favourite “Need to go to the shop after work” even thou I’ll only spend 5 mins in that shop and I know I can easily make it to the gym after that.

Summer is round the corner which means the pressure is on to get into shape. A couple of friends of mine are actually doing the Insanity Body Work-Out which is a high intense work out DVD and it’s actually adding to the pressure!! AHHHHH WHAT TO DOO!!! Well I will write it here in writing for all to see that I will be going to the gym this coming week (Week commencing Monday 11th March 2013)…But for now I am going to heat up a very nice oven pizza and enjoy every last calorie!!

Hope you enjoyed this little rant of mine 🙂 Like ,Share & Comment ! Are any of you doing any work-outs or diets? Leave a comment below maybe it can inspire me to do more 😀

“Summer Body”

Hey blog buddies, today I’m going to be a bit hypocrite here. “Summer Body” EVERYONE wants one, everyone wants to improve ,lost weight or tone their bodies more for the summer season. I’m guilty as charged for this!. In fact I think I’m one of the worse ones,hitting the gym more times a week!. At times I feel like I’m a slave for my body!

What i want to ask from you is, if you see that chocolate cake or any junk/fattening food. EAT IT! We only live once and lets enjoy it. ! Lets not be slaves to our bodies any longer! This comes from social pressure and it is understandable. We shouldn’t care what others think,what matters at the end of the day is, Are YOU happy about YOUR body?.


Good Day blog Buddies 😀

A secret to look sexier!

hey all, I’m sure most of you spend loads of time in front of mirror before going out and you might not like your outer-beauty, and they also sell loads of facial products which might help I’ll also explain about that later on but for now the one key ingredient the important thing is confidence…. I’m sure all of you are going “I’ve heard this on t.v a million times and people kept saying this!well i  also thought that till recently

i couple of months ago  i saw my reflection in the mirror and  i did not like what i see and it lowered my self-esteem and confidence but after reading the book The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success: A Practical Guide to the Fulfillment of Your Dreams (Hardcover)

and in that book it taught me things,ways that can change the ways you see some things and i gained confidence and i gradually saw myself  look better. If you think about it don’t you see your self looking better one day rather than the other. Well its not that your looks change daily because that is impossible its the amount of confidence you have.

so that is one thing i also read Davey’s blog and he said something interesting, he said that if facial products were to work properly they will not make much money because you would buy more after your first bottle has finished, I’m not saying they don’t do anything I’m sure they do but just try the good old fashioned soap, do it daily scrub it well and i am sure that you will have the same or similar effect :):)

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