Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October 2012 – Also known as Breast Cancer Awareness Month ! . The month where  we have “Think Pink day”,where we all wear something pink to raise awareness for Breast Cancer. The most common misconception about breast cancer is that most people think it only affects women but it can affect us men to. It is said that it’s one of the most treatable types of cancer if caught in the early stages. In this day and age,with the medicines that we have it is sad that we don’t actually have a cure for cancer and so many lives are taken because of it. I think some way or another cancer has affected everyone. I myself lost my nan to cancer,I myself had a cancer scare (It’s alright I was in the clear!) and so did my mum.

I love those types of days where you see communities come together to support such a wealthy cause, I don’t know about where you live at the moment but tomorrow is also our annual cancer walk where we all walk for a distance and we give something towards the Breast Cancer non-profit organization.

I remember writing a post on the last Think Pink Day and adding a link so you could donate something to the cause so today I thought I’ll add another link. Not for you to donate,although if you wish to do so you can simply look back through my blog posts and find the link. This link provides information about breast cancer,it also gives you tips and advice. Why not have a look at it :).

Breast Cancer Care Click to view the site !

Have a nice day ! Hope you enjoyed my little post 🙂



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