Arrow !

I don’t usually blog about the shows I watch and trust me I am a TV show addict. The series out there at the moment are just simply amazing. Last night a new one premiered called Arrow. I’m sure most of you have heard of the “Green Arrow”, a rich young man who went through a tragic moment in life and made him see sense so he uses he’s resources and helps those who have been a victim of millionaires that have ripped them off. Sort of like a more modern version of Robin Hood. Besides everyone in this series have GREAT bodies,makes me want to head to the gym just to try to look like that!

It has had GREAT ratings on its first episode,the way they have introduced all the characters and the stories behind each and every one of them is brilliant. I for one can’t wait for next week’s ep!.

Heres the link,check out the trailers 😀 !

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