To Believe Or Not To Believe . . . Now that IS a question!

Hey bloggers! , I know 2nd post in a day strange ! lol. Before going to bed i just wanted to point this out and see if others believe or not?.

Theres always been a suspicion that “there is more to what meets the eye” , supernatural as some may call it. Something magical happens in everyday life , but to believe that there is something more to it is the question! I have personally gone  to a Tarot Reader once and some of the things she said were true, however some things was completely wrong! Saying that those who go to these Tarot Readings can’t go in with a close mind. I think if you go with the mentality that its fake, what ever you hear you will make some sort of excuse to think how they know that! “Maybe they asked me a question before and got it from there” is the most common i would say. But could there be something more out there? Could we have guardian angels?  Could there be people with a “power” and ability ?  Even the legend of the chupacabra is a myth that most believe!


I suppose it’s a question that will vary with most readers, depending on your life experiences and thoughts upon this subject. Let me know what you think 🙂 That’s it really for this short random ramble 🙂


Goodnight x


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ill rather keep my identy private for now :)

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