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Seeking Comfort

Hey bloggers,
Losing someone is a very hard time in anyones life, whether we lost someone who was older or younger. Sometimes we all want to be selfish and hold on to them even thou they might be suffering.When i lost my gran i remember some people kept asking for her age and when i said “87” i kept getting similar replies ” Ahh,well she was old”. Yes,Yes she was but she was also loved and she will be loved and very much missed, age doesn’t justify anyones death- Yes its a tragic when we lose someone at a young age and makes us think “why them?” , i like to think they had a higher purpose to serve somewhere else and maybe they wouldn’t have a nice life here with us.

I don’t know about you readers but i believe in more that what meets the eye, a deeper meaning to all of us. I believe in spirits and ghosts and when you lose someone close to your heart they will always be able to hear your thought and even protect you. My aunt went to a medium ( Most of tarot readers etc i don’t tend to believe in ) But this one mentioned somethings that my mum knew but my aunt knew and my gran apparently said that she is watching over my niece, whom she loved dearly.So if you have lost anyone close to you, just think they are in peace now,away from pain and if you want to speak to them,do so! maybe not out loud but in your mind and in your heart because their spirits stay with us and guides us.

That is all,hope you liked it,have a nice day!

Peace x



Hey Bloggers,

                     Today has been an extremely stressful day at work because it we had the Annual Staff Meeting. This means I would sit with 2 bosses in a meeting and discuss everything we do right and wrong. During the day today i was stressing out just thinking on what they would say!


I think when we stress out we over think everything and our minds being as powerful as they are make these scenarios on what could happen. Today i had all types of scenario i was convinced i was going to quit because of what would have been said in the meeting, i tried to calm down but it just wasn’t working and now that its over i feel a bit stupid for how i was feeling earlier on because it wasn’t a bad meeting.

I guess sometimes we should try and keep calm and not let these scenarios run wild in our imaginations!


That’s my day 🙂 How about yours?


Hey bloggers,

Hope you’ve had a nice week-end :D. Weather was LOVELY here! I hope its the same this weekend 😀

So the other day I used the bus and i saw something that annoyed me and i’m shocked that i stayed quiet . I don’t know where you live but where i’m from the buses have seats at the front which should have priority to the elderly or disabled people who wish to sit down. Well i was sat close to the end of the bus and i saw this elderly man walk in and all the seats upfront were occupied by elderly people apart from these 2 girls – they must have been 17-19 years of age at the most. They saw this man with a walking stick which helped him move at a slow pace get on the bus and they knew that all other seats for the elderly were taken. They saw him looking and its not like the bus was full, no! the bus had plenty of free seats around but the poor man couldn’t walk to the other seats because there’s a step or two. My way of thinking and being is just ask the elderly person the seat and i can stand seeing as i am young. These girls did not even offer the seat they just carried on speaking.

I live in a small place so we are a tight community these things shouldn’t happen  and they get me so frustrated!. Another elderly man stood up and gave his seat to this man. Obviously other people started moaning about these young girls not even offering the seat and to my surprise the girls gave such a dirty look!. Honestly i don’t know how i remained so calm throughout this journey.

Where has manners,respect for others gone ? – I’m only 20 years old, so i will not generalise but I’m just wondering What would you have done ? Surely not like these girls?

*Need to have a nice tea now to calm myself  *

Have a nice day 😀

Mothers Day

Hey bloggers!

Today is MOTHERS DAY 😀 (In the Uk,Ireland & Gibraltar ..Europe lol)! Where would we all be without our mothers – They brought us up, came to us when we had nightmares,provided us with shelter and food and they make us their main priority.

To all you mothers reading this blog – You do an outstanding job everyday! Even if you’re a house mum and don’t work, in reality you do work. You work 7 days a week with no 15 min breaks and no lunch hour and 24 hours a day when you are needed you are there!. So I hope today you rest and just realise how your children appreciate the things you do – day in and day out 🙂

Sexy-o-meter ! We all use it!

Hey bloggers!

So todays blog is about our “Sexy-o-meter”. Today i noticed, when i walk down town by myself , i get abit bored and i noticed that i started to, not stare, but maybe take a glance at the people walking past. At the same time i was rating from 1-10 and thinking “hmm Do-able” . We live in a sex filled era where most of our everyday topics end up involving sex,sexualities or some type of a sexual topic. Thing is this is not the first time i’ve used this Sexy-O-Meter that i own within me, Oh and i know most if not all of you have it! Don’t hide it! Be yourself! don’t hide who you are from the world. You are YOU for a reason. Our imperfections are what makes us unique and there’s only one of you out there! Whats the fun in copying someone else ? I’m sure each and everyone of you have much more interesting features about your personality that makes people fall in love each day!

So when you are walking down town, what is your type of Girl/Guy ? What would be a amazing 10 on your own Sexy-O-Meter ? ( I know very shallow blog ,but hey, this blog is about my thoughts and today this crossed my mind :P) So Leave a little comment underneath , & Feel Free to share this blog.

If any of you need some advice on ANYTHING , feel free to contact me. There’s a contact page on top.

Have a nice day 😀 Peace x

Dreams! My experiences

Hey bloggers,
Midday blog here 🙂 Last night i had a vivid dream and i woke up this morning thinking ” Was that real”. It wasn’t a pleasant dream. I was walking down town and i saw someone who i haven’t seen or spoken to in a long time and i remember saying bye and she ignored me shouting ” NOW ! Its Too late !!!!!” . I don’t know about you but i believe that dreams serve a purpose and they always have a hidden meaning. It is also when your subconscious “comes out” and shows us what we are thinking throughout the day but we don’t really take much notice of it.

I saw a documentary once that a human will have on a night 3 dreams but will never remember all 3!.
A year back, around a week or two after my granny passed away my sisters work colleague asked her for a picture of my granny. This was strange, Why would she want one?. Well when my sister showed her a picture her face changed completely!. Apparently she had a dream about this woman talking to her and crying at the same time and to pass a message to her daughter (my mum ), the message said ” You have to take care of yourself! Be strong or you will fall ill” . When i heard this i panicked as one would! We were always a close family so her death affected us deeply!. I actually spoke to a friend of my who studied dreams and turns out my granny went to my sisters colleague because she couldn’t get through to anyone of the family but not to worry as everything is going to be fine. ( This conclusion came after I answered a couple of questions of course).

Do you believe dreams have a deeper meaning? Do you look up the meaning to your dreams? Let me know 😀

Have a good day 😀 x

Summer Is Around The Corner . . . Don’t panic ! Or Do ?

Hey Bloggers,

It is coming! and i bet most of us are feeling guilty about most things that we are eating. We all want these perfect summer bodies, I know I do! When I eat junk food I feel so guilty for eating it. Although I like going to the gym, that great feeling  I get after a workout. I love it ! So i advice if you want a summer body, PLEASE do it for yourself and not for others at the end of the day it is your body, you choose how to live as long as it isn’t affecting your health.

I hate watching films with actors like Zac Efron who have the perfect body, they make me feel bad! Anyways i know this is a bit of a superficial post but it is what most of us think. Well i do 🙂 Here is a link to a video that gives you some Ab exercises and all you need is a sofa!!! Try these out 😀

When you feel good about yourself you are bound to have a better day and a better view on things that will be coming your way 😀

Let me know what you think !


Peace ;D x

Use your day to the fullest ! Conquer a F.E.A.R

Hey bloggers!,

Today i have conquered a fear! What a day it has been! The nerves, fear,Dry mouth and dry throat. I have never been a confident driver so I never go driving into Spain, I always make one of my friends drive instead but today my friend said “it’s about time you were strong and do this” . At first i was just thinking “Omg I can’t, NO way! we will crash!”. Obviously its one of those “mind over matter” type of things. I had butterflies in my stomach ( Actually that is an understatement, they felt more like dragons haha ) but through her guidance and help we got to our destination in one piece and i thought to myself (not admitting it of course) “this isn’t as bad as I thought it would be” .

I think with the combination of our fear and imagination our mind ,being as powerful as it is, creates these scenarios that really would not happen in a million years! .. So, What i am trying to get at is.. When you have a free day to yourself use it wisely. Do something that your mind holds you back from doing! Something you would like to do but you fear from it! Conquer your fear and later i will promise you, you will feel like you’re on top of the world! (oh and don’t take this the wrong way, don’t do drugs and stuff that will damage your health haha )

Have a nice day 😀 I did and i feel great!

Nature ! love it not abuse it !

Hey bloggers just a quick note ! As I mentioned on my previous blog post I went for a hike and I took a couple of pictures ! Amazing views!

Most of us take nature for granted! I think we should go out for hikes or even a little picnic every now and again! It’s such beauty that we have out there! I feel great out there so peaceful and calm! And it’s always a good way to lose a little weight 😉



Hey bloggers ! So today I have started to read a book ! I’m not much of a reader but when it comes to Deepak Chopra I love his work!.
The book I’m reading is called

The book of secrets

I’ve only gone about a chapter into this book and this paragraph out of many that have already inspired me jumps out! It outlines one of our faults as humans that we are! Faults that bring hostility to
The mind and create tension within out environment! Here’s the paragraph

Awareness: I will spend ten minutes observing instead of speaking. I will sit quietly by myself just to sense how my body feels. If someone irritates me, I will ask myself what I really feel beneath the anger—and I won’t stop paying attention until the anger is gone

. Today I will go on a hike up the rock I might post something about it tonight but for now I will practise what is said in that paragraph! It’s so easy to just hate someone before giving them a chance! Do we really know them!? Why do we prejudge?? Maybe they are going through a bad time and needs support from friends and we are just prejudging them with no reason!
So I ask you to take a time and just get to know then abit more before getting worked up! Whats the worst that could happen??

Have a nice day 🙂 peacex