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the everyday choice

Hey All You Bloggers, i was just about to turn of my new laptop when i thought of another blog that i have been wanting to write and that i often think about.

Everyone makes hundred’s of decisionsa day and no matter how small it may be it will have a big impact in your life and the experience that take in that day. For Example, Lets say in an everyday situation u have the choice of going out with your friends or staying in your house go on msn or just watch t.v for a bit. That may not seem as a big choice to make but it is.

The important thing to remember is not to regret the choice you made as when you made that choice at that moment it felt right and what ever happens you have gained a new experience. Looking on the positive side of things may help no matter how bad things  may seem at that moment. When You Start A New Day Every Day You Wake Up With Hundred’s Of Choices To Make Although Most Of Us Live A Predictable life. We Normally Go To Work which consumes most of our day and then after that is more or less the same as your previous day, so when you have a free day do something spontaneous like going on a long hike. Life is to short to do the same thing everyday..

Sorry for rambling on there  but i hope it made sense to you the point to this is life is to short and there are so many choices out there to make and when you make one and it does not turn out the way you planned don’t think ” Why Did I Choose To Do This Today”  think of it as a new experience gained!

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