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Hey Bloggers i hope you liked my morning message,

today’s post is going to be about time. How we all want time to go by  quickly. When most of us are at work we wish it was time to go, when we are at a party we don’t want to be we wish it was later so we can leave and if we had a big event in the next few days we would wish that time will go by quicker. But then we think back and we think and say ” omg! how time has passed these days it seems like yesterday”…. and ” the week has passed by so quick” . So maybe we contradict ourselves but its a way of life.

So Today don’t try and rush through things just enjoy the time you have,enjoy what you are doing and take all of it in because you know it you will be saying ” i wish it was that day again!”

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Life is to short!

Life is to short to fight and regret things, when you lose someone is when you will notice how precious life is. So my message for the day is live this day as if it is your last,love life and be with the ones you love. Enjoy your day.


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A Way To Release Stress!

Hey Bloggers, In this blog i am going to ask you to comment about your day,a way to blow some steam off. How many off you after work,school or uni go home and are in a bad mood because of the day you had and you take the blame out on your family or friends?

Well today its the last of it , just below just comment and say what has happened to you today,

i had a normal day really it started out badly as i saw my blog’s stats and unfortunately it was great 😦 then at work i was BORED i felt like i needed something new and exiting to walk into my life,i am sure all of you have felt that way before, if so also leave it in a comment:)


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Stereotype’s And Social Influence!

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Today’s topic is something most people think about especially if you are doing A Level Psychology or you are in the work path of psychology.

In this modernized world people care more about what others think more than any other time. Especially Teenagers are under more influence to be in the “norm” group” . Celebrity’s mostly set this rule of how to be normal and those who don’t follow the trend are normally called “goths or emo’s”.

i don’t tend to believe in the stereotypes although i used to especially when i was in school. Until i met a “emo” that wasn’t the picture i imagined of a typical emo. he wasn’t depressed all the time nor did he cut himself. That is when i realised not to judge someone by the names they are called.

So When You See Someone Don’t Judge By There First Instinct or Just Say “He Must Be A Goth Or Gay” because you might be surprised 🙂

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“Everything Happens For A Reason”!

Hey all you bloggers, hope you are enjoying my post’s up to now 🙂 i got loads of views yesterday so thank you all for reading.

I was just in the shower thinking instead of singing for once haha. I was thinking about i could say one of my all time favorite quotes of all time which is “Everything Happens For A Reason” and although it seems unrealistic to some and cheesy for others like i used to think, think about your past….

Whilst in the shower i started to remember when i was in the last 2 years of school where i  hardly used to go out with my friends and i pretty much used to stay in my house because my friends never used to call me to go out, well i thought about the stupid fight we had which made me talk to other people and made new friends which were better friends. Gradually they started to phone me to hung out. After a couple of months my new best friend happened to be family with my previous friend which i had a fight with so therefore i had to be friends  with him….

I don’t want to bore all of you with this   I’ll jump ahead and just say  having that fight made me make new friends and  be more socially active. So That fight happened for a reason and when it happened i thought ” Great what do i do now,Who will i hung out with”. My Answer to that question now is time will tell and don’t reject anything that comes your way.

Another Quote is “When One Door Closes,Another One Opens” simply meaning when you think you are in a dead end and you have no other choices you can possibly make just stop one second take a breath and just let everything take its course because at the end of the day “nature” already has its plan for you so just let time go by for a bit and i am sure that something will come up!


Hope i didn’t ramble on to much over here, hoped you understood today’s message.

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Everyday Choices

the everyday choice

Hey All You Bloggers, i was just about to turn of my new laptop when i thought of another blog that i have been wanting to write and that i often think about.

Everyone makes hundred’s of decisionsa day and no matter how small it may be it will have a big impact in your life and the experience that take in that day. For Example, Lets say in an everyday situation u have the choice of going out with your friends or staying in your house go on msn or just watch t.v for a bit. That may not seem as a big choice to make but it is.

The important thing to remember is not to regret the choice you made as when you made that choice at that moment it felt right and what ever happens you have gained a new experience. Looking on the positive side of things may help no matter how bad things  may seem at that moment. When You Start A New Day Every Day You Wake Up With Hundred’s Of Choices To Make Although Most Of Us Live A Predictable life. We Normally Go To Work which consumes most of our day and then after that is more or less the same as your previous day, so when you have a free day do something spontaneous like going on a long hike. Life is to short to do the same thing everyday..

Sorry for rambling on there  but i hope it made sense to you the point to this is life is to short and there are so many choices out there to make and when you make one and it does not turn out the way you planned don’t think ” Why Did I Choose To Do This Today”  think of it as a new experience gained!

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New Year Message!

First of all let me wish everyone a happy new year and all the best for 2009!

2009 so fast already, if 2008 has taught me anything is don’t take anything for granted. Especially Family and Friends Or Lovers for those lucky ones. As in many cases you only get one chance so think hard before you act as you may not get another chance to experience it again, i made that mistake in 2008 . So don’t waste your time hating the things that can’t be changed but love the things right in your life.

I would like to apologize for not blogging as many things has been happening in my life which i will be blogging it here soon! thank you all for your support!

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