I’m Back And A Special Topic today Called “LOVE” :)

Hey Bloggers,yes I’m back.I’m sorry for the week i haven’t been on family problems and friend problems. But that is what inspired me to write this blog today because you should never see a problem as something bad,I’m not saying its good but try to see it as a Life Lesson 🙂.

Well Today’s topic is about love. And no not only about relationship love but about family love,friendly love because there are many types of love which people don’t realize. But with love comes a huge package and loads of obstacles which i realized during the week i haven’t been making blogs.

With Love comes the down side of Hurt. love is kinda like a rollercoster there are up but there are also Downs. If you love someone you will notice that you have to be there for the bad things and that is the down side. When the other loved one has a problem in a way you also have that problem, especially in a committed relation ship you need to share your feelings,problems everything:)

So my advice would be that when you come into a hard obstacle don’t be scared,don’t panic remember that you will always have someone there for you and that in time things will go where they are meant to be:)

Also don’t forget to tell you loved ones I Love You because those 3 words can change someone day and make it a Lot better:)

thanks for reading,Please comment and subscribe:)


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ill rather keep my identy private for now :)

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