Freedom or Destiny?

Hey all you Bloggers, I don’t know if you know what my whole site is about well i think it is about time for me to tell you what it is about because my ratings have been going up and up! and then I’m going to write about the title ha ha…

Well this blog is about my life and the experiences that i experience,ill be describing all the obstacles i conquer or fail through out the days  and at the same time i try to inspire people like you who read and subscribe to my blog:)

Today’s blog is going to about my freedom,freedom that happened just by signing a piece of paper. The feeling it gave me i  felt free. This morning i walked to my school and singed the papers that say i have now finished school. That’s it for me no more getting up at 8 am, no more sitting down in class 🙂 i am obviously happy about this. But now my next step is my Career, looking for a job and it has made me think…. What Does Destiny Have In Store For Me??, because i believe in the rather old and over-used saying “Everything happens for a reason and when one door closes another one opens” .So my education door has closed and i wonder what job will be in the unrevealed door.. A advice i give to all of you out there is.. Don’t fight destiny,remember everything happens for a reason and everything will be in it’s place in time… So lets say you are in love with this person, don’t force things..I’m  not saying stay away from that other person but don’t force things.. i have learnt this from past experience and i also did this and it worked!

Today I’m thankful for the end of school and this beautiful day:)

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ill rather keep my identy private for now :)

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