Some Words that might help you through the day:)

As i have said before the book i was reading has inspired me a lot *check previous blog entry for the name of the book*. The book taught me that getting annoyed or mad is useless,there is no point and ill elaborate on that…

lets say  you are stuck in traffic obviously that is really annyoing, so the first thing that people do is get mad!..Now Think if you get mad that won’t make the cars go faster.NO it won’t” all that you will do is ruin your day and probably  raise your blood pressure ha ha

so ..

Love the rainy days.

Love when you think your fart is going to be silent, but it’s not… in public.

Love when there is $10 less in your wallet than you thought.

Love when someone emails you a chain letter that puts a curse on your life.

Love when you can’t get a new gadget out of its plastic case.

Love being bored.

Or you could hate it all, but what good is that going to do you?

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  1. lostintranslation11

    Great! Yes…you are absolutely right:-)

  2. hehe thanx 🙂 if you like please subscribe:)

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