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I’m Back And A Special Topic today Called “LOVE” :)

Hey Bloggers,yes I’m back.I’m sorry for the week i haven’t been on family problems and friend problems. But that is what inspired me to write this blog today because you should never see a problem as something bad,I’m not saying its good but try to see it as a Life Lesson 🙂.

Well Today’s topic is about love. And no not only about relationship love but about family love,friendly love because there are many types of love which people don’t realize. But with love comes a huge package and loads of obstacles which i realized during the week i haven’t been making blogs.

With Love comes the down side of Hurt. love is kinda like a rollercoster there are up but there are also Downs. If you love someone you will notice that you have to be there for the bad things and that is the down side. When the other loved one has a problem in a way you also have that problem, especially in a committed relation ship you need to share your feelings,problems everything:)

So my advice would be that when you come into a hard obstacle don’t be scared,don’t panic remember that you will always have someone there for you and that in time things will go where they are meant to be:)

Also don’t forget to tell you loved ones I Love You because those 3 words can change someone day and make it a Lot better:)

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The Week! Family,love.Read!:)

Heyy bloggers. Oh life there are up’s and downs but yesterday i received the worst family news of my life.My family are having huge family problems which might interfeer with my blog writing for 2-3 days :(:(

one advice for all of you is, Don’t take the things you have fro granted becuase when you least know it, so say I love you to everyone you love.. Enjoy your life.. Live by the day :):)

Enjoy all bloogers ill be back in 2-3 days thank you:)

Freedom or Destiny?

Hey all you Bloggers, I don’t know if you know what my whole site is about well i think it is about time for me to tell you what it is about because my ratings have been going up and up! and then I’m going to write about the title ha ha…

Well this blog is about my life and the experiences that i experience,ill be describing all the obstacles i conquer or fail through out the days  and at the same time i try to inspire people like you who read and subscribe to my blog:)

Today’s blog is going to about my freedom,freedom that happened just by signing a piece of paper. The feeling it gave me i  felt free. This morning i walked to my school and singed the papers that say i have now finished school. That’s it for me no more getting up at 8 am, no more sitting down in class 🙂 i am obviously happy about this. But now my next step is my Career, looking for a job and it has made me think…. What Does Destiny Have In Store For Me??, because i believe in the rather old and over-used saying “Everything happens for a reason and when one door closes another one opens” .So my education door has closed and i wonder what job will be in the unrevealed door.. A advice i give to all of you out there is.. Don’t fight destiny,remember everything happens for a reason and everything will be in it’s place in time… So lets say you are in love with this person, don’t force things..I’m  not saying stay away from that other person but don’t force things.. i have learnt this from past experience and i also did this and it worked!

Today I’m thankful for the end of school and this beautiful day:)

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Some Words that might help you through the day:)

As i have said before the book i was reading has inspired me a lot *check previous blog entry for the name of the book*. The book taught me that getting annoyed or mad is useless,there is no point and ill elaborate on that…

lets say  you are stuck in traffic obviously that is really annyoing, so the first thing that people do is get mad!..Now Think if you get mad that won’t make the cars go faster.NO it won’t” all that you will do is ruin your day and probably  raise your blood pressure ha ha

so ..

Love the rainy days.

Love when you think your fart is going to be silent, but it’s not… in public.

Love when there is $10 less in your wallet than you thought.

Love when someone emails you a chain letter that puts a curse on your life.

Love when you can’t get a new gadget out of its plastic case.

Love being bored.

Or you could hate it all, but what good is that going to do you?

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A secret to look sexier!

hey all, I’m sure most of you spend loads of time in front of mirror before going out and you might not like your outer-beauty, and they also sell loads of facial products which might help I’ll also explain about that later on but for now the one key ingredient the important thing is confidence…. I’m sure all of you are going “I’ve heard this on t.v a million times and people kept saying this!well i  also thought that till recently

i couple of months ago  i saw my reflection in the mirror and  i did not like what i see and it lowered my self-esteem and confidence but after reading the book The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success: A Practical Guide to the Fulfillment of Your Dreams (Hardcover)

and in that book it taught me things,ways that can change the ways you see some things and i gained confidence and i gradually saw myself  look better. If you think about it don’t you see your self looking better one day rather than the other. Well its not that your looks change daily because that is impossible its the amount of confidence you have.

so that is one thing i also read Davey’s blog and he said something interesting, he said that if facial products were to work properly they will not make much money because you would buy more after your first bottle has finished, I’m not saying they don’t do anything I’m sure they do but just try the good old fashioned soap, do it daily scrub it well and i am sure that you will have the same or similar effect :):)

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Starting a blog!

I have realized starting your own blog is not that easy at all mainly because in order to have a successful blog you need people like you to enjoy what your reading and what has been written. so please if you like my blogs subscribe because they will be getting better once i finish building everything up plus in 2009 I’m going to do “Talky Blog” like that one *click talky blog* and a lot more will come so please subscribe you will not be disappointed….

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So today is my birthday, another wonderful year gone by :), i’m loving all the experiences life throws at me and today im going to create my day but the first thing i have done is do this little blog.

I remember when i was younger the whole Birthday craze was something huge and i couldn’t sleep the night before to get all my presents! but as years go by things change don’t they,birthday’s aren’t the most exiting things in life. Althou i do like this day however the thrill of it seems to go away every year ha ha til i get to the point when I’m 50 saying ooo i don’t wanna age anymore haha

well im going to say happy birthday to my self and thanks for the beautifull day:)

Forced Religion

i was reading something about how 80% of the world is in there current religion and they didn’t have a say about it and the probability is that you are in one too…

The moment that someone is born acually before someone is born when we are still in hte feteus the parents decide our relgion for us so when we grow up we need to stick with the fact that for example we are roman catholic or muslim or jewish.. I find this wrong becasue we as indiviuals need to find our spiritual connection with the religion we feel most connected with maybe i’d be better as a Budhist and not Roman Catholic. and maybe if we all had that chance to choose our religion maybe the worlds madness wouldn’t be so critical as we would feel more connected with our religion.


Heyy,im john paul and im going to start a blog site about things in life and the journey in life. it isgoing to be more of an inspirational blog and in 2009 if the site picks up i will be doing “Talky Blogs”..Thank You